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The elegant Zakynthean ladies of the past have always drawn inspiration from their blooming gardens in order to guard their beauty and fragrant their selves.

They use to prepare their own personal perfume infusing flower petals into alcohol. Many would prefer the romantic roses, others the tender blossoms of Jasmine and Sambac, while some would never replace the cool innocence of lemon tree buds.

Their clothes and linen spread the fresh and sparkling aroma of lavender and rose geranium stems.

For their personal treatment they used natural oil soap which they could obtain from the many soap factories of the island. Pure olive oil would perfectly moisturize their skin while white wine was the ultimate toning lotion. Natural lemon juice mixed with glycerin would condition and lighten the skin on the hands.

The makeup of those ladies included one and unique product. The legendary Zakynthean face powder by Mrs Visvardi. An elegantly perfumed, delicate satin powder made of rice, the secret of which was never revealed.

The gentlemen had a specific preference to their personal barber. Each barber shop use to make their own emblematic cologne, often though the notes of pine, lavender and lemon were distinctive.

The disastrous earthquake of the year 1953 drifted into oblivion many of the old traditions, while the appearance of tourism and globalization put an almost definite end to the few habits that were left behind.

But in the year 1963 the Razi family started a local perfumery, inspired by the flowers and herbs of the island, thus saving part of the old unwritten tradition and moving into the busy and promising future.