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At the beginning of the ‘60s, in Zakynthos, a love story flourished that was meant to change the island’s perfume-making tradition and touristic image. A young woman named Angela, arrives from Piraeus after the invitation of the pharmacists’ union, to run the first cosmetic store in Zakynthos. Apart from her beautician’s school degree and her letter of recommendation that she carried in her suitcases, she would also bear an intense Mediterranean temperament that would inspire passionate folk love songs. Angela was soon enchanted by the island, its people, its natural environment, but also, in her turn, she charms her Zakynthean future husband, Harris Razis.

“The garden in the sea” becomes her home and the traditional perfume-making of Zakynthos her new obsession. In a few months she creates her first “Cologne of Zakynthos” and soon after, along with her husband, they make and bottle the perfume “Bougharini”.

Zakynthos, the renowned “Flower of the East” officially acquires its first perfumery and the name “Razi” becomes the synonym of a unique tradition that looks back in centuries. No visitor of Zakynthos goes back home unless they pack a bottle of the “Razi” perfume in their suitcases.

Half a century later, the “Razi perfumery” continues its course as “Razi Aroma”, and presents its unique creations that are inspired by the beauty of the Ionian landscape and the trends of the times. And the love story is still continued…!