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Imagine yourself into a blooming spring garden. Listen to the happy music of the flowers. Tender notes coming from the jasmine, a romantic song from the roses, a delicate melody of the violets the happy tune from the lavender. Walk along the orange trees. Can you feel the juices flowing deep into the tree barks? Can you touch the fruity and flowery perfume into the sweet air?

Imagine yourself on a summer beach, sitting on a rock warmed by the sun. Can you smell the sea’s blue colour? Can you taste the vivid saltiness and feel the energy of the eternally moving water?

Imagine yourself in the middle of a pine wood the first days of the autumn. Can you feel the earthy smell from the soil released by the first rain? Can you sense the deep green scents from the pines, the cypresses, the cedar woods? Can you feel the resin’s enigmatic perfume?

Imagine yourself in the mountains on a sunny winter day. Can you trail the strong scent of the thyme, the oregano and the wild mint traveling into the clear atmosphere? Can you feel the feral myrtle sparkling into the clean air?

Imagine yourself in Zakynthos. Every season of the year, in its very beautiful countryside, to be surrounded by all these beautiful scents feeling them with all your senses.

This is our island. Our inspiration.